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What is a digital classroom and why bet on the idea?

Whoever works in an educational institution knows the potential that this type of establishment has to generate paper. Whether for the fulfillment of legal obligations or for carrying out routine administrative procedures, the number of documents produced in the academic environment can grow exponentially over time, which tends to be a problem. In this scenario, an efficient and viable solution is the adoption of digital school tools and processes.

With this in mind, in this post, we will explain what the digital school is and why it is worth investing in the acquisition and implementation of methodologies, devices and systems related to this concept. We will also show how the operationalization of this idea significantly simplifies the performance of routine administrative procedures and what are the main advantages of digitizing processes in the school institution. Continue reading and stay informed!

What is digital school

Digital school is an organizational concept based on the development of technological innovations that characterize contemporary society. It is the idea that, today, the use of digital tools and computerized systems are fundamental for the efficient functioning of an educational institution. Thus, the use of technologies is very important both for the implementation of pedagogical activities and for the management of administrative processes.

digital classroom

The digital transformation impacts all social segments, influencing, or even directing, the ways in which people interact with each other and with the world. Social networks, product and service sales sites, mass transit applications and online banking services are some of the common examples of how technology has become inseparable from everyday practices of the most different types and with varied purposes.

In the educational area, this is no different, as it is possible to see, for example, due to the advent of the digital university, in which higher education is practiced at a distance, through virtual devices. With regard to the administrative procedures carried out at the school, technological resources can be used to carry out the most varied activities, such as enrollment, re-enrollment, creation and feeding of student records, issuing statements and organizing student schedules.

An educational institution that uses methodologies and tools from the digital school aims to make electronic and virtual most administrative tasks, which consequently leads to process optimization. With this, the establishment follows the technological development and, at the same time, improves the management of its documents, which, in digital format, are safer, since they are protected from loss and damage.

The advantages of digitizing processes at school

One of the pillars for the operationalization of the concept of digital school is the digitalization of processes, which consists of a set of essential procedures to organize and make the administrative management carried out by the educational institution more efficient. Next, we’ll show you the six main advantages of doing process automation. Be sure to check it out!

Task automation

The most noticeable benefit of digitizing processes is task automation. Simple operations, but which require a significant investment of professionals’ time to be carried out, can be correctly performed by automatic devices through prior programming of commands. Also tasks of greater complexity, such as registering students, teachers and subjects in diaries, are subject to automation through computerized systems.

From the automation of tasks, it is possible to schedule the automatic sending of e-mails with reminders of parent meetings, the need to re-enroll or to hold an event, for example. With the proper development of specialized software, the school website can be used by those responsible for students to register students, and, by employees, to issue histories, statements and bulletins.

It is possible to automate the entire enrollment routine at your institution, allowing students’ parents to sign up for enrollment and re-enrollment online via a click on an email.

Savings generation

Working with paper generates excessive expenses, since, in addition to the need to purchase this type of material, it requires the purchase of printing and copying inks, as well as the maintenance of the printer. It is also necessary to have folders and cabinets to store files. In a school, costs can be multiplied, since there is a demand for the production of documents of different types for students, parents and professionals of the institution.

With the digitization of processes, the files become electronic, being able to be stored and shared through physical media or in the cloud. The use of electronic signatures in these documents gives them validity and authenticity, which means that they can be produced for various purposes and assigned to different recipients. In addition, it is possible to use the electronic signature to hire employees and teachers, eliminating all those documents that need to be signed and kept by the institution.

Easy file localization

With integrated digital systems, files are efficiently located, since they can be searched via search engines using keywords that indicate the name of the document, its storage location or even part of its content. The search procedure becomes quick and simple, optimizing archiving.

Increased productivity

The digitization of processes helps school professionals to be more productive. It enables employees to optimize their daily work, in order to develop less repetitive and tiring activities, which are now carried out by automatic devices and systems, whose possibility of making mistakes is practically nil. Therefore, employees can dedicate themselves to performing more interesting and more relevant tasks for the educational institution.

Better use of the physical space of the secretariat

As it does not require the use of lockers and bookcases to store the documents that must be kept at school, the digitization of processes allows the physical space of the secretariat to be better used. Thus, the accumulation of paper piles is avoided, leaving the place cleaner, airy, organized and free of dust.

To be able to keep up with technological innovations and improve their administrative organization processes, it is very important that educational institutions adopt methodologies and resources in line with the idea of ​​a digital school. This implementation provides greater convenience and productivity for professionals, in addition to providing more security to documents, optimizing the physical space of the secretariat, facilitating the search for files and generating financial savings.