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Digitizing documents in schools: what can I digitize?

When we think about accumulating roles, schools are certainly one of the first options that come to mind, isn’t it? After all, many documents are produced daily, such as school transcripts, assessments, minutes, spreadsheets, accountability… Phew! Now, have you ever wondered where and how to store all this? The solution lies in digital school documents.

According to research, the lack of organization is one of the main mistakes of educational institutions. Often, they do not use the correct way to store documents so that access and search are made easier when something is requested. Among the risks of lack of organization is the loss and deterioration of files, and we know how serious this can be.

However, with the digitization of documents in schools, these errors can be avoided, with increased productivity and time optimization. The theme “digitalization of documents”, on the other hand, as it is not widely used in institutions, still raises some doubts. What should be scanned? And what can be kept in a physical file, for example?

To answer these questions, the Collection prepared tips on the types of documents that are indicated for digitization, for a better organization of the school.

Digitizing documents in schools and what can be digitized

Certificate of student enrollment and attendance

One of the most important information within schools is the data on student enrollment and attendance. These files are essential for controlling the number of students in the institution and the regularity of these students in the classroom.

Generally, these documents are stored in folders and files within sectors and / or at the institution’s secretariat, which ends up taking up a lot of space, especially if we think that there is data from all current and former students at the school.

Therefore, the attestations of students’ enrollment and attendance can be scanned and stored in the cloud. A safe way to have data whenever necessary, whether for control or when there is some demand.

Not to mention that the digitization of documents in schools helps so that the information does not suffer from the degradation of time or the loss of documents.

School transcripts

School transcripts are frequently requested documents, whether for transferring students from one school to another or passing an entrance exam. Documents requested urgently and which, in some cases, take up to a week to be ready.

Therefore, in order to optimize the time and ease in the practice of the work of the school’s human resources sector, this type of document must be digitized. The search will be faster, from access to the correct file, identified by name and other student data.

Teacher data

It is not only information about students that we find in schools; teacher data is also there. The disciplines for which they are responsible, year of entry into the institution, workload, among others. Important information that cannot be lost, after all they report the teacher’s professional life.

In the digitization of documents in schools, to avoid losses and damages, the history of the teachers must also be present. This ensures the integrity of information with all the security that cloud storage provides.

Student newsletters

Today, with school technology, even newsletters can be digitized, bringing an easier way to follow students’ school routine. But how is that possible? From a login and password, only authorized persons can access the spreadsheet with the notes, mainly the parents or guardians of the student.

School documents

We cannot fail to mention that the digitization of documents in schools serves the information of the institution itself as well. Accountability data, administrative documents and school history are some of them. In addition to streamlining bureaucratic processes, digitizing allows the security and integrity of these documents that cannot be lost.

It is worth remembering: that regardless of scanning, no documents can be deleted. If the school chooses a specialized company to scan documents, all files are stored in physical spaces.