Cyber Essentials Certification | What Is it and Why Should You Consider it?

Cyber Essentials Certification | What Is it and Why Should You Consider it? post thumbnail image

In light of the rise in cyberattacks and intrusions as well as the increasing number of companies offering remote employment opportunities, IT security should be a priority for every company. 

As part of protecting its assets and preventing the vast majority of online attacks and breaches, corporations must conduct regular security audits. Regardless of the size of your business, cyber essentials certification is a powerful initiative supported by the government that can help you defend it from the majority of typical cyberattacks. 

Cyber essentials certification is an assurance that your organization has adopted a set of security controls to protect against the most common cyber threats. The certification is also often a requirement for bidding on government contracts. 

This is because it shows that your organization is taking the appropriate steps to protect its assets and customers. Of course, no certification can protect you from the most dangerous cyber threat of all: forgetting your password and frantically trying to remember it while your colleagues judge you silently. 

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What Exactly Are Cyber Essentials?

To combat the increasing threat of cybercrime, companies can turn to Cyber Essentials. This program provides fundamental measures that all businesses should implement to protect themselves online. 

Cyber Essentials is a UK government initiative aimed at creating a safer digital environment for companies in all industries and of all sizes. Created and managed by the NCSC, Cyber Essentials is considered an essential first step towards a more secure network, as it offers protection against 80% of the most basic cyber security attacks.

Organisations can promote their qualifications as reliable and secure when it comes to cyber security by earning the cyber essentials certification. This outlines a narrow set of controls that provide organisations of any and all sizes clear direction on fundamental cyber security. It also provides a solid foundation of security precautions that all sorts of organisations may easily and affordably apply.

Cyber Essentials

You are secured from a wide range of the most typical cyberattacks with the help of our self-assessment option. This is crucial because being vulnerable to simple attacks might single you out for more intrusive, unwanted notice from fraudsters and others.

Because most common attacks aim at victims that don’t have the security measures in place, certification gives you comfort that your systems will defend against the great majority of typical cyberattacks. This teaches you how to take care of these fundamentals and defend against the most frequent threats.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The measures you must implement under this type are identical to those under cyber essentials and yet maintain the hallmark simplicity of approach.

Why Have a Cyber Essentials Certification?

This proves your firm is proactive in thwarting hostile cyberattacks. Additionally, it provides a way to show clients, creditors, insurers, and others that you have taken the very minimum necessary actions to safeguard your business against cyber risks.

Businesses can be safeguarded against attacks by going through the cyber essentials certification program and putting even one of the five needed procedures into place.

The following are additional advantages of the certification:

  • Reassure clients that you are taking measures to safeguard your systems from cyberattacks.
  • Promote your ability to offer security measures to potential customers.
  • You are aware of your organisation’s level of cyber security.

Wrapping Things Up

The Cyber Essentials certification is a scheme backed by the government that offers businesses a set of standards to safeguard their IT systems from cyber threats. These standards include ensuring that the anti-virus software is updated, maintaining a secure password policy, and regularly backing up data. Obtaining this certification ensures businesses that their IT systems are secure and well-equipped to thwart the most common cyber threats.